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Anthropocene: Life in the Age of Humans*
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Anthropocene / anTHrəpəˌsēn / noun
1. the period during which human activity has been a major influence on global climate and environments; 2. a proposed new geological epoch that may have begun in your lifetime

Join us as we share perspectives on a variety of topics relevant to how we live on earth. Understanding the Anthropocene requires taking the long view, learning about complex interconnections among earth systems, and thinking critically about the benefits and costs of our actions. Anthropocene: Life in the Age of Humans is a series of discussions exploring human impact on the environment with scholars, artists, and others in an intimate conversational setting.

Be informed. Think big. Help shape the world you want. Explore the Anthropocene with us!

Past Programs:

   December 6, 2017 The Future of Agriculture: Rebounding Nature

   November 6, 2017 Solutions for Food Security: Urban Food Hubs

   October 24, 2017 Pathways to Animal Domestication - A Continuing Journey   

   October 5, 2017 An Evening With Ruth DeFries: How Humans Innovate in the Face of Natural Disasters

   June 8, 2017 "Wild Cities - Connecting People and Nature" The Buzz About Urban Pollinators

   May 30, 2017 An Evening With Florence Williams: The Human Brain, Biophilia and the Search for Awe

   May 23, 2017 "Wild Cities - Connecting People and Nature" - Stella Tarnay: Green Access Across DC

   April 26, 2017 "Wild Cities - Connecting People and Nature" - Timothy Beatley: Biophilic Cities

   March 30, 2017 Survivors - What Fossils Tell Us About the Past and Future

   December 13, 2016 "Landscapes of the Anthropocene" - Claudia West: Planting in a Post-Wild World

   November 22, 2016 "Landscapes of the Anthropocene" - Erle Ellis: Managing Hybrid Human-Natural Systems

   October 17, 2016 "Landscapes of the Anthropocene" - Jerry Glover: The Future of Agriculture Lies in the Past 

   April 25, 2016 Art in the Anthropocene  

   December 3, 2015 Conservation for Cities

   November 2, 2015 A Third Way to Fight Climate Change

   May 13, 2015 Matching Climate Facts, Feelings, and Actions through a Million Nudges 

   April 26, 2015 Imagining the Future: Ethics for the Anthropocene 

   April 13, 2015 Is There Hope for the Ocean? 

   April 10, 2015 Lightning Talks: Round 10 

   April 8, 2015 Living in the Anthropocene: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 

   March 31, 2015 Restoring a Lost Ecosystem? 

   January 13, 2015 Tracking Human Influences  

   December 15, 2014 Forests in the City

   September 25, 2014 Coastal Legacies

   October 21, 2014 Lessons From Our Lives With Plastic

   November 2, 2014 Film Screening of SlingShot