Thanks to you...
Thanks to you...The Smithsonian has entered a new era transforming the Institution in order to shape a more dynamic future and meet 21st century challenges. It is a significant task that will define the Smithsonian of tomorrow. Support from people like you helps to shape the future by linking our unparalleled collections with the latest advances in technology. We are the keepers of the American Spirit, and your generosity and trust allow us to advance in this role.

Thanks to people like you today's Smithsonian is: 
  • The world's largest provider of museum experiences through in-person visits, traveling exhibitions and online resources that reach across the nation and around the globe;
  • An international leader in science and scholarship, whose experets probe the boundaries of space, explore the evolution and diversity of life and help us understand the American experience and the diversity of human cultures;
  • A partner in education, providing informal education for life-long learners, standards-based classroom materials for K-12 students, teacher training materials and intern and fellowship opportunities that benefit undergraduate through post-doctoral scholars; and
  • A national treasure caring for America's most cherisched and iconic objects and holding in trust for every citizen its priceless collections.
Never before has your gift been more valued or made so great an impact. We rely on the thoughtful and generous support of individuals, foundations, and corporations. There are many ways to support the Smithsonian. Click the links below to learn more.

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